New business district to scrape Jerusalem’s skies

jdf_newPlan approved for massive complex with 12 towers and a million square meters of office space. Price tag: NIS 8.5 billion
A proposal to build a new business district, complete with 12 skyscrapers, at the entrance to Jerusalem was approved on Monday by the Jerusalem District Planning and Construction Committee. According to
an Interior Ministry press release, the proposal will now be opened to the public for objections. Read more >

Undercutting poverty in Jerusalem

After speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas last March, I conversed with the hotel’s owner, Jewish philanthropist Sheldon Adelson. We were talking about Birthright Israel, founded by our mutual friend Michael Steinhardt.

As someone who has led Birthright trips and is a huge fan, I thanked Sheldon for being the group’s biggest financial supporter. He shared with me how he had recently called the head of Birthright in Israel to say he would add millions more dollars to his already-huge annual investment, to help clear the backlog of American students who wanted to participate on the free ten-day trip to the Jewish state. Read more >

Australian hi-tech investor unveils audacious 30-year Jerusalem master plan

jdf_newsKevin Bermeister and his team of Israeli urban planners, with tourism minister’s enthusiastic endorsement, are giving King Herod a run for his money
At his Passover seder table, Kevin Bermeister wasn’t just thinking about “next year in Jerusalem.” The 51-year-old Australian technology innovator and
real estate investor was contemplating the Holy City 30 years down the road.

In 2040 – or 5800 on the Hebrew calendar – Bermeister envisions a Jerusalem with underground traffic systems, rooftop gardens, and vehicle-free pedestrian areas in places like the Old City. Read more >