About Us

Jerusalem Fund Management (JFM) is a private equity firm that invests in real estate and related opportunities in Israel with a primary focus on the Jerusalem market.

JFM operates a rigorous and streamlined investment and management process from deal origination, underwriting and asset management through to disposition. These processes have been refined over the years by the team and supplemented by the expertise of its local professionals.

With a multi-skilled and fully integrated team of professionals on the ground who are fluent in Hebrew, the team is able to identify and react with speed and flexibility to opportunities and changing market conditions. The JFM team’s ability to originate, secure and execute transactions quickly is a differentiator and a source of tremendous value for its development partners.

Understanding and managing risks is an area of focus for us, and we do so effectively through proper structuring of investment terms, conducting comprehensive due diligence, and working with Tier 1 partners.